Projects Funded for Jeffrey T. LaFrance


Brand Name and Private Label Price Setting by a Grocery Store

Jeffrey Perloff and Jeffrey T. LaFrance


A grocery store that sells to brand-name loyal customers and to price-sensitive customers must decide whether to carry both name-brand and private-label products and how much to charge. Introducing a private label may either raise or lower the price that a store charges for a brand-name product. As the number of customers that are price sensitive increases, a store may be more likely to carry a private label, but the prices of both the private label and brand-name may rise. As the reservation price of price-sensitive consumers rises, the price differential between the brand name and private label first falls; but if the reservation price rises further, the store may stop carrying the private label. Given price-sensitive consumers, a store may charge a higher price for the brand name than that which would maximize profit if it sold to only brand-loyal customers.


Economic Wealth and the Extensive Margin

Jeffrey T. LaFrance


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Jeffrey T. LaFrance


Impacts of the Federal Crop Insurance Program on Acreage Decisions, Risk Management, and the Extensive Margin and the Environment

Jeffrey T. LaFrance


Effects of Common Taxes on Wine Production, Aging, and Sales

Jeffrey T. LaFrance and Leo K. Simon


The Impact of Cointegrated Prices on Demand and Policy Analysis

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