Projects Funded for James Chalfant


Pricing and Promotional Patterns among Major U.S. Supermarket Chains

  • James Chalfant
  • Richard Sexton


Specific Objectives

The purpose of our research was to examine and quantify the pricing and promotional activity of two major US supermarkets chains, Safeway and Albertsons.

Project Report

We compiled weekly data for over one year on nearly every product sold in 15 Safeway stores and nine Albertsons stores throughout the U.S., with nearly all of the stores falling west of the Mississippi River. The data include prices and, when applicable, promotions. We estimated econometrically the principal determinants of prices, promotional frequency, and promotional depth across the western United States. We also described and quantified the extent to which Safeway and Albertsons compete with one another in prices, promotions, and product offerings. We have also found important new results on the interactions between national brands and the chains' private label products that counter conventional wisdom regarding these interactions. This work is all part of Volpe's dissertation research. A complete draft of the thesis has been completed and revisions are underway.


Improving Veterinary Health Care Delivery for Underserved Areas: A Pilot Project for Found Valley California

  • James Chalfant


The California Strawberry Industry's Response to State Regulation of Methyl Bromide

  • Colin Carter
  • James Chalfant


The California Strawberry Marketing Chain

  • James Chalfant


The Effects on California Horticultural Industries of Consumption of the Fruit and Vegetable Recommendations for a Cancer-Prevention Diet

  • James Chalfant


The Methyl Bromide Ban and the California Strawberry Industry

  • James Chalfant
  • Rachael Goodhue


Commodity Grades and Adverse Selection: Application to the California Prune Market

  • James Chalfant
  • Richard Sexton