Projects Funded for 2019-2020

Economics of Brettanomyces in California Wine Production

  • Julian Alston

Impact of SGMA on Crop Mix in California

  • Bruce Babcock

Land Subsidence--The Forgotten Enigma of Groundwater (Over) Extraction: Implications to California

  • Ariel Dinar

Guest Workers in California Agriculture

  • Philip Martin

Farmworkers and Nonfarm Work: How Many Are Leaving and Why

  • Pierre Mérel

Unpacking Residential Water Consumption and the Impacts of Nudges: A Machine Learning Application

  • Mehdi Nemati

The Tradeoff Facing Agricultural Workers Between Wages and Health Care and other Benefits

  • Jeffrey Perloff

Best Management Practices to Mitigate Water Quality Impairments: What Are the Benefits and Costs?

  • Tina Saitone

An Optimal Tax Approach to Policy Problems in California Agriculture

  • James Sallee

The Impacts of Extreme Temperatures and Drought on Mental Health and Suicide in California's Agricultural Community

  • Kurt Schwabe

The Political Economy of Implementing California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)

  • Richard Sexton

The Impacts of a Declining Farm Labor Supply on Farming in California

  • J. Edward Taylor

Consumer Valuation of Aquaculture Attributes

  • Sofia Villas-Boas

The Economics of Supply Chains with Application for Animal-free Meats: Impacts on the Economy and the Environment

  • David Zilberman