Projects Funded for 2017-2018

Home-Grown Capital and Productivity in California Agriculture

Californian Agriculture and Pesticide Environmental Externalities

Heat-Related Illnesses Among California Agricultural Workers

The Effects of Climate Change on Crop Choice, Yield, and Coverage

Economics of Precision Agriculture in California Specialty Crops

International Trade in Commodities Matters

Optimal Management of the UC Strawberry Germplasm Collection

Managing Agricultural Water Use for Sustainable Groundwater in California

Immigration and California Agriculture

Crop Failures from Temperature and Precipitation Shocks—Implications for U.S. Crop Insurance and Farmers

Electronic Logging Device Regulations: Impacts for Western Cattle Ranchers

Estimating the Effect of Agricultural Pumping Efficiency Upgrades on Farmers’ Electricity Consumption, Water Consumption, Crop Production, and Profits

Evolution of Supply Chains to Implement Innovation –The Case of Pre-Packaged Salads