Projects Funded for 2017-2018

Home-Grown Capital and Productivity in California Agriculture

  • Julian Alston

Californian Agriculture and Pesticide Environmental Externalities

  • Maximilian Auffhammmer

Heat-Related Illnesses Among California Agricultural Workers

  • Tim Beatty

The Effects of Climate Change on Crop Choice, Yield, and Coverage

  • Peter Berck

Economics of Precision Agriculture in California Specialty Crops

  • Leslie (Bees) Butler
  • Olena Sambucci

International Trade in Commodities Matters

  • Thibault Fally

Optimal Management of the UC Strawberry Germplasm Collection

  • Rachael Goodhue

Managing Agricultural Water Use for Sustainable Groundwater in California

  • Katrina Jessoe
  • Richard Sexton

Immigration and California Agriculture

  • Philip Martin

Crop Failures from Temperature and Precipitation Shocks—Implications for U.S. Crop Insurance and Farmers

  • Jeffrey Perloff

Electronic Logging Device Regulations: Impacts for Western Cattle Ranchers

  • Tina Saitone

Estimating the Effect of Agricultural Pumping Efficiency Upgrades on Farmers’ Electricity Consumption, Water Consumption, Crop Production, and Profits

  • Catherine D. Wolfram

Evolution of Supply Chains to Implement Innovation –The Case of Pre-Packaged Salads

  • David Zilberman