Projects Funded for 2005-2006

Inputs, Outputs, and Productivity in California Agriculture: Data Development and Initial Analysis

Estimating Direct and Indirect Impacts of Aerosol Pollution on California Agriculture

Risk, Wealth and Contractual Structure in Agriculture

Impacts of Mexican Avocado Imports on California's Avocado Industry and Optimal Strategic Responses for California

GM Rice Cultivation in California: Importance of Market Acceptance

The Potential Impact of Global Warming on Irrigated Agriculture in California

California Wine Distribution and Marketing

Part III: Using Matching Methods to Finalize the Results of the 'Edible Schoolyard' Survey

California Water Distribution and Strategic Institutional Behavior

Pricing Options in California Water Markets: A Laboratory Approach

Investment Agreements and Natural Resource Management in California

Risk Response and Hysteresis

Economic Performance in Fisheries

Price and Other Effects of Supermarket Mergers

Agri-Environmental Programs in the U.S.: The Effects of the WTO and Implications for California

Deregulation of Logging Ban in China

Alpaca Lies? Do Alpacas Represent the Latest Speculative Bubble in Agriculture?

Third Party Impacts of Water Transfers: Evidence from the Imperial Valley-San Diego Water Transfer

Gender, Financial Markets and Mexican Migration to the United States

Food Safety: Mad Cow Disease and Beef Purchases

The Smog Check Program in California's Central Valley

The Wholesale Market for Diesel in California

Exploring the University's Investment in 'At-Risk' Patenting: Public Institutions Assuming Risk Where the Private Sector Has Not