Projects Funded for 2004-2005

Costs of Technological Regulation of Biotech Crop Varieties

Total Nutrient Management, Pollution, and California Dairy Farming

A Hedonic Pricing Model for California Steers: Estimating the Value of Attributes of Calves Sold by Video Auction Market

Impacts of Policy Reforms on the Supply of Mexican Labor to U.S. Farms: New Evidence from Mexico

The Market for Non Genetically Modified Rice: Segregation Costs and Strategies

The California Strawberry Marketing Chain

Economic Characteristics of Agricultural Firms Active in Environmental Lobbying

The Relationship between Spot Market Prices and Contract Sales: The Case of California Fresh Strawberries

PART II: The Impact of Ecoliteracy Projects on Young Adult Attitudes and Behavior: Alice Waters and the Edible Schoolyard Project

Measuring the Seasonal Changes in Agricultural Water Demand

Price Determinants of U.S. Beef Prices in International Markets

Micro Heterogeneity from Aggregate Data: Land Quality in Agricultural Production

Impacts of the Federal Crop Insurance Program on Acreage Decisions, Risk Management, and the Extensive Margin and the Environment

Land Use Change, Recreation, and Residential Development

Trade and the Size Distribution of Farms

China: Tracking the Market for Fruits and Vegetables

Grocery Retailer Pricing and Promotion Practices: Implications for Welfare of California Producers

Location-then-Price Games when Consumers have Heterogeneous Tastes and Incomes

Efficiency in Commodities Futures Markets

Environmental Regulation and the Housing Industry in California

Estimating Impacts of Environmental Protection Agency's Reformulated Gasoline Program on Gasoline Prices

Localized Conditions that Determine California Farm Land Conversion

The Impacts of Intellectual Property Protection of Research Tools on Freedom to Operate in Agricultural Biotechnology at the University of California