Projects Funded for 2004-2005

Costs of Technological Regulation of Biotech Crop Varieties

  • Julian Alston

Total Nutrient Management, Pollution, and California Dairy Farming

  • Peter Berck

A Hedonic Pricing Model for California Steers: Estimating the Value of Attributes of Calves Sold by Video Auction Market

  • Steven C. Blank

Impacts of Policy Reforms on the Supply of Mexican Labor to U.S. Farms: New Evidence from Mexico

  • Steve Boucher

The Market for Non Genetically Modified Rice: Segregation Costs and Strategies

  • Colin Carter

The California Strawberry Marketing Chain

  • James Chalfant

Economic Characteristics of Agricultural Firms Active in Environmental Lobbying

  • Y. Hossein Farzin

The Relationship between Spot Market Prices and Contract Sales: The Case of California Fresh Strawberries

  • Rachael Goodhue

PART II: The Impact of Ecoliteracy Projects on Young Adult Attitudes and Behavior: Alice Waters and the Edible Schoolyard Project

  • Ann Harrison

Measuring the Seasonal Changes in Agricultural Water Demand

  • Richard Howitt

Price Determinants of U.S. Beef Prices in International Markets

  • Lovell Jarvis

Micro Heterogeneity from Aggregate Data: Land Quality in Agricultural Production

  • Keith Knapp

Impacts of the Federal Crop Insurance Program on Acreage Decisions, Risk Management, and the Extensive Margin and the Environment

  • Jeffrey T. LaFrance

Land Use Change, Recreation, and Residential Development

  • Douglas Larson

Trade and the Size Distribution of Farms

  • Jeffrey Perloff

China: Tracking the Market for Fruits and Vegetables

  • Scott Rozelle

Grocery Retailer Pricing and Promotion Practices: Implications for Welfare of California Producers

  • Richard Sexton

Location-then-Price Games when Consumers have Heterogeneous Tastes and Incomes

  • Leo K. Simon

Efficiency in Commodities Futures Markets

  • Aaron Smith

Environmental Regulation and the Housing Industry in California

  • David Sunding

Estimating Impacts of Environmental Protection Agency's Reformulated Gasoline Program on Gasoline Prices

  • Sofia Villas-Boas

Localized Conditions that Determine California Farm Land Conversion

  • Jeffrey Williams

The Impacts of Intellectual Property Protection of Research Tools on Freedom to Operate in Agricultural Biotechnology at the University of California

  • Brian Wright