Projects Funded for 2003-2004

Wholesale Price Discrimination in Agricultural and Resource Markets

  • Sofia Villas-Boas

Using Production Data to Design Efficient Contracts

  • Ethan A. Ligon

The Structure and Performance of Rural Financial Markets and the Welfare of the Rural Poor in Mexico

  • Steve Boucher

The Impact of Ecoliteracy Projects on Young Adult Attitudes and Behavior: Alice Waters and the Edible School Project

  • Ann E. Harrison

The Effects on California Horticultural Industries of Consumption of the Fruit and Vegetable Recommendations for a Cancer-Prevention Diet

  • James Chalfant

The Effect of Grocery Store Consolidation

  • Jeffrey Perloff

The Economic Value of Beach Recreation in Southern California

  • Michael Hanemann

The Economic Effects of Pesticide Regulation on the California Strawberry Industry: A Field-Level Analysis of Fumigant Choices After Methyl Bromide

  • Rachael Goodhue

The Development of Scientific and Institutional Structures to Combat Plant and Animal Pests and Diseases

  • Alan Olmstead

Sliced Inverse Regression and Dimension Reduction in Demand Systems

  • Aaron Smith

Regulating Labor Relations in Agriculture: The ALRA and Mandatory Mediation

  • Philip Martin

Pro-Cyclical Productivity Patterns in California Agriculture

  • Julian Alston

Performance of California Dairy Cooperatives

  • Daniel A. Sumner

Optimal Investment Strategies for Sustainable Management of Soils

  • Y. Hossein Farzin

Municipal Water Production and Distribution: The Bigger the Better?

  • Catherine Morrison Paul

Measuring the Community Effects of Water Trades

  • Richard Howitt
  • J. Edward Taylor

Long-Run Price and Trade Effects on the California (US) Beef Market of Foot and Mouth Disease Eradication in Argentina and Uruguay

  • Lovell Jarvis

Labeling Policies and International Trade of Genetically Modified Foods

  • Y. Hossein Farzin
  • Colin Carter

Evaluating Water Transfer Agreements Using the Rausser-Simon Bargaining Framework

  • Leo K. Simon

Estimation of Agricultural Water Demand Using Panel Data: Results of a Natural Experiment in Water Rate Reform

  • David Sunding

Cooperatives as a Countervailing Power in the Winter Pear Market

  • Leslie (Bees) Butler

China: Market or Competitor of California in World Food Trade: Phase III

  • Scott Rozelle

Brand Choices vs. Periodic Sales as Tools for Grocery Retailer Price Discrimination

  • Richard Sexton