Projects Funded for -

Wholesale Price Discrimination in Agricultural and Resource Markets

Sofia Villas-Boas

Using Production Data to Design Efficient Contracts

Ethan A. Ligon

The Structure and Performance of Rural Financial Markets and the Welfare of the Rural Poor in Mexico

Steve Boucher

The Impact of Ecoliteracy Projects on Young Adult Attitudes and Behavior: Alice Waters and the Edible School Project

Ann E. Harrison

The Effects on California Horticultural Industries of Consumption of the Fruit and Vegetable Recommendations for a Cancer-Prevention Diet

James Chalfant

The Effect of Grocery Store Consolidation

Jeffrey Perloff

The Economic Value of Beach Recreation in Southern California

Michael Hanemann

The Economic Effects of Pesticide Regulation on the California Strawberry Industry: A Field-Level Analysis of Fumigant Choices After Methyl Bromide

Rachael Goodhue

The Development of Scientific and Institutional Structures to Combat Plant and Animal Pests and Diseases

Alan Olmstead

Sliced Inverse Regression and Dimension Reduction in Demand Systems

Aaron Smith

Regulating Labor Relations in Agriculture: The ALRA and Mandatory Mediation

Philip Martin

Pro-Cyclical Productivity Patterns in California Agriculture

Julian Alston

Performance of California Dairy Cooperatives

Daniel A. Sumner

Optimal Investment Strategies for Sustainable Management of Soils

Y. Hossein Farzin

Municipal Water Production and Distribution: The Bigger the Better?

Catherine Morrison Paul

Measuring the Community Effects of Water Trades

J. Edward Taylor and Richard Howitt

Long-Run Price and Trade Effects on the California (US) Beef Market of Foot and Mouth Disease Eradication in Argentina and Uruguay

Lovell Jarvis

Labeling Policies and International Trade of Genetically Modified Foods

Colin Carter and Y. Hossein Farzin

Evaluating Water Transfer Agreements Using the Rausser-Simon Bargaining Framework

Leo K. Simon

Estimation of Agricultural Water Demand Using Panel Data: Results of a Natural Experiment in Water Rate Reform

David Sunding

Cooperatives as a Countervailing Power in the Winter Pear Market

Leslie (Bees) Butler

China: Market or Competitor of California in World Food Trade: Phase III

Scott Rozelle

Brand Choices vs. Periodic Sales as Tools for Grocery Retailer Price Discrimination

Richard Sexton