Projects Funded for 2002-2003

Antibiotics and Agriculture: Theory, Measures, and Implications of Antibiotic Resistance for the Social Benefits and Costs of Intensive Livestock Production Technologies

Adoption, Diffusion and Profitability of Biotechnology: rbST in California

Organic/Conventional Product Substitutability: A Pilot Study

Did NAFTA Impact the Use of Unfair Trade Laws in Agricultural Trade?

Defining and Protecting California's Rural Amenities

Residential Water Use In Los Angeles

Using Matching Methods to Estimate the Effect of Illegal Worker Status on Labor Market Outcomes

What Do We Know About Agricultural Land Values in California? A Compilation of Data and Research Studies

Effects of Common Taxes on Wine Production, Aging, and Sales

Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Organic Produce

Computing Incentives for Quality in Processing Tomatoes in California

Poverty Amid Prosperity Revisited: Immigration and the Changing Face of Rural California

Development, Marketing and Adoption of, and Returns to, Innovation in the U.S. Ag-Biotech Seed Industry

The Effect of Taxes on Fat Consumption

Trade and the Risk to California Agriculture from Pest Introductions

China: Market or Competitor of California in World Food Trade, Phase II, A New Research Direction

California Agriculture: Overview and Issues Update

Volatility and Efficiency in Commodities Futures and Options Markets

Health Risk Tradeoffs in Pesticide Regulation

The Role of Compulsory Licensing and GURTS in Facilitating Public-Private Collaboration in Innovation for California Specialty Crop

Reexamination of the Economics of Pest Resistance