Projects Funded for 2002-2003

What Do We Know About Agricultural Land Values in California? A Compilation of Data and Research Studies

  • Warren Johnston

Volatility and Efficiency in Commodities Futures and Options Markets

  • Aaron Smith

Using Matching Methods to Estimate the Effect of Illegal Worker Status on Labor Market Outcomes

  • Guido Imbens

Trade and the Risk to California Agriculture from Pest Introductions

  • Gordon Rausser

The Role of Compulsory Licensing and GURTS in Facilitating Public-Private Collaboration in Innovation for California Specialty Crop

  • Brian Wright

The Effect of Taxes on Fat Consumption

  • Jeffrey Perloff

Residential Water Use In Los Angeles

  • Michael Hanemann

Reexamination of the Economics of Pest Resistance

  • David Zilberman

Poverty Amid Prosperity Revisited: Immigration and the Changing Face of Rural California

  • Philip Martin
  • J. Edward Taylor

Organic/Conventional Product Substitutability: A Pilot Study

  • Hoy Carman

Health Risk Tradeoffs in Pesticide Regulation

  • David Sunding

Effects of Common Taxes on Wine Production, Aging, and Sales

  • Leo K. Simon
  • Jeffrey T. LaFrance

Did NAFTA Impact the Use of Unfair Trade Laws in Agricultural Trade?

  • Colin Carter

Development, Marketing and Adoption of, and Returns to, Innovation in the U.S. Ag-Biotech Seed Industry

  • Catherine Morrison Paul

Defining and Protecting California's Rural Amenities

  • Rachael Goodhue
  • Karen Klonsky

Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Organic Produce

  • Douglas Larson

Computing Incentives for Quality in Processing Tomatoes in California

  • Ethan A. Ligon

China: Market or Competitor of California in World Food Trade, Phase II, A New Research Direction

  • Scott Rozelle

California Agriculture: Overview and Issues Update

  • Jerome Siebert

Antibiotics and Agriculture: Theory, Measures, and Implications of Antibiotic Resistance for the Social Benefits and Costs of Intensive Livestock Production Technologies

  • Julian Alston

Adoption, Diffusion and Profitability of Biotechnology: rbST in California

  • Leslie (Bees) Butler