Projects Funded for 2001-2002

The Full Economic Consequences of Generic Advertising: Theory and Application to California's Mandated Marketing Programs

  • Julian Alston

The Payoff to UC Pest Management Research and Extension

  • Julian Alston
  • Daniel Sumner

Adoption, Diffusion and Profitability of Biotechnology: rBST in California

  • Leslie (Bees) Butler

Economic Impact of Agricultural Tariff-Rate Quotas: Implications for California Agriculture

  • Colin Carter

Optimal Design of Bio Reserves

  • J. Keith Gilless

Defining and Protecting California's Rural Amenities

  • Rachael Goodhue
  • Karen Klonsky

Residential Water Use in Los Angeles

  • W. Michael Hanemann

Estimating Environmental Indices for California Agriculture

  • George G. Judge
  • Larry S. Karp

The Impact of Cointegrated Prices on Demand and Policy Analysis

  • Jeffrey T. LaFrance

Immigration and Changing Face of Rural California: Findings in the 2000 Census

  • Philip Martin
  • J. Edward Taylor

The Effect of Marketing Orders and other California Laws on the Welfare of Milk Consumers

  • Jeffrey Perloff

China: Market or Competitor of California in World Food Trade

  • Scott Rozelle

Agriculture in the WTO: Prospects and Consequences for California

  • Daniel Sumner

Economic Effects of Domestic Subsidy and Trade Barriers with Differentiated Goods: Processed Tomato Products in the European Union

  • Daniel Sumner

Increasing California Water Supplies through Joint Operation of Surface and Groundwater Storage Facilities

  • David Sunding

Intellectual Property Provisions in Public Private Partnerships in Agriculture Biotechnology

  • Brian Wright

Adoption of Information Technology in California Agriculture

  • David Zilberman