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The Payoff to UC Pest Management Research and Extension

Daniel A. Sumner and Julian Alston

The Impact of Cointegrated Prices on Demand and Policy Analysis

Jeffrey T. LaFrance

The Full Economic Consequences of Generic Advertising: Theory and Application to California's Mandated Marketing Programs

Julian Alston

The Effect of Marketing Orders and other California Laws on the Welfare of Milk Consumers

Jeffrey Perloff

Residential Water Use in Los Angeles

W. Michael Hanemann

Optimal Design of Bio Reserves

J. Keith Gilless

Intellectual Property Provisions in Public Private Partnerships in Agriculture Biotechnology

Brian Wright

Increasing California Water Supplies through Joint Operation of Surface and Groundwater Storage Facilities

David Sunding

Immigration and Changing Face of Rural California: Findings in the 2000 Census

J. Edward Taylor and Philip Martin

Estimating Environmental Indices for California Agriculture

George G. Judge and Larry S. Karp

Economic Impact of Agricultural Tariff-Rate Quotas: Implications for California Agriculture

Colin Carter

Economic Effects of Domestic Subsidy and Trade Barriers with Differentiated Goods: Processed Tomato Products in the European Union

Daniel A. Sumner

Defining and Protecting California's Rural Amenities

Karen Klonsky and Rachael Goodhue

China: Market or Competitor of California in World Food Trade

Scott Rozelle

Agriculture in the WTO: Prospects and Consequences for California

Daniel A. Sumner

Adoption, Diffusion and Profitability of Biotechnology: rBST in California

Leslie (Bees) Butler

Adoption of Information Technology in California Agriculture

David Zilberman