Projects Funded for 2000-2001

Beggar-thy-Neighbor Generic Advertising--Theory and Application to California's Mandated Commodity Program

  • Julian Alston

Public-Private Partnerships and Proprietary Agricultural Biotechnology

  • Eran Binenbaum
  • Brian Wright

An Economic Analysis of California Retail Milk Prices

  • Hoy Carman

The Methyl Bromide Ban and the California Strawberry Industry

  • James Chalfant
  • Rachael Goodhue

Sustainable Policymaking within a Complex Physical-Economic-Political System

  • Rachael Goodhue
  • Richard Howitt
  • Gordon Rausser
  • Leo K. Simon

Adoption of Information Technology in California Agriculture

  • David Just
  • David Zilberman

Dynamic Water Regulation under Uncertainty and Endogenous Learning

  • Larry S. Karp
  • Jiangfeng Zhang

Incentives and Quality for Processing Tomatoes in California

  • Ethan A. Ligon

Immigration and the Changing Face of Rural California: Focus on Coastal California (2000) and the Imperial Valley (2001)

  • Philip Martin
  • J. Edward Taylor

Production, Costs and Regulation in U.S. Fisheries: The Case of the North Pacific Salmon Fishery

  • Catherine Morrison Paul
  • Tian Xia

Effect of Minimum Wages and Other Government Policies on Income Distribution and Welfare

  • Jeffrey Perloff

The Revolution in the Almond Industry through Electronic Trading

  • Jeffrey Williams

Solutions for Intellectual-Property and Technology Market Failures in Agricultural Biotechnologies: The Market Expanding Role of Information in the Internet Economy

  • Brian Wright