Projects Funded for -

The Revolution in the Almond Industry through Electronic Trading

Jeffrey Williams

The Methyl Bromide Ban and the California Strawberry Industry

James Chalfant and Rachael Goodhue

Sustainable Policymaking within a Complex Physical-Economic-Political System

Gordon Rausser, Leo K. Simon, Rachael Goodhue, and Richard Howitt

Solutions for Intellectual-Property and Technology Market Failures in Agricultural Biotechnologies: The Market Expanding Role of Information in the Internet Economy

Brian Wright

Public-Private Partnerships and Proprietary Agricultural Biotechnology

Brian Wright and Eran Binenbaum

Production, Costs and Regulation in U.S. Fisheries: The Case of the North Pacific Salmon Fishery

Catherine Morrison Paul and Tian Xia

Incentives and Quality for Processing Tomatoes in California

Ethan A. Ligon

Immigration and the Changing Face of Rural California: Focus on Coastal California (2000) and the Imperial Valley (2001)

J. Edward Taylor and Philip Martin

Effect of Minimum Wages and Other Government Policies on Income Distribution and Welfare

Jeffrey Perloff

Dynamic Water Regulation under Uncertainty and Endogenous Learning

Jiangfeng Zhang and Larry S. Karp

Beggar-thy-Neighbor Generic Advertising--Theory and Application to California's Mandated Commodity Program

Julian Alston

An Economic Analysis of California Retail Milk Prices

Hoy Carman

Adoption of Information Technology in California Agriculture

David Just and David Zilberman