Projects Funded for 1999-2000

The Role of Information in the Management of Nonpoint Source Pollution: The Case of Sediment Control at Redwood National Park

  • Y. Hossein Farzin

Residential Water Use in Los Angeles - A Disaggregated Analysis

  • Michael Hanemann

Predicting Vineyard Expansion and its Environmental Consequences

  • Peter Berck

Patterns in China's Agricultural Trade Balance: Implications for World Markets

  • Colin Carter

Milk Quality and Marketing Orders

  • Daniel A. Sumner

Incorporating Quality Effects in Policy Analysis: Excise Taxes on California Wine

  • Julian Alston

Immigration and the Changing Face of Rural California: Focus on the Sacramento Valley

  • Philip Martin
  • J. Edward Taylor

Evolution of Central Valley Organic Agricultural Landscapes

  • Karen Klonsky
  • James Wilen

Efficiency Wages and Agricultural Workers

  • Jeffrey Perloff

Economic Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Related Hydrologic Resources in California

  • Michael Hanemann
  • Anthony Fisher

Econometric Analysis of Professional and Do-It-Yourself Yard Chemical Use

  • Scott Templeton
  • Michael Ward

CIs Quality-Based Compensation an Incentive for Producers? The Case of Processing Tomatoes

  • Rachael Goodhue

Assessment of Competition in the California Beef Industry

  • Steven C. Blank
  • Richard Sexton

Animal Waste and Contract Farming

  • David Zilberman