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The Role of Information in the Management of Nonpoint Source Pollution: The Case of Sediment Control at Redwood National Park

Y. Hossein Farzin

Residential Water Use in Los Angeles - A Disaggregated Analysis

Michael Hanemann

Predicting Vineyard Expansion and its Environmental Consequences

Peter Berck

Patterns in China's Agricultural Trade Balance: Implications for World Markets

Colin Carter

Milk Quality and Marketing Orders

Daniel A. Sumner

Incorporating Quality Effects in Policy Analysis: Excise Taxes on California Wine

Julian Alston

Immigration and the Changing Face of Rural California: Focus on the Sacramento Valley

J. Edward Taylor and Philip Martin

Evolution of Central Valley Organic Agricultural Landscapes

James Wilen and Karen Klonsky

Efficiency Wages and Agricultural Workers

Jeffrey Perloff

Economic Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Related Hydrologic Resources in California

Anthony Fisher and Michael Hanemann

Econometric Analysis of Professional and Do-It-Yourself Yard Chemical Use

Michael Ward and Scott Templeton

CIs Quality-Based Compensation an Incentive for Producers? The Case of Processing Tomatoes

Rachael Goodhue

Assessment of Competition in the California Beef Industry

Richard Sexton and Steven C. Blank

Animal Waste and Contract Farming

David Zilberman