Projects Funded for 1998-1999

Technology Spillovers and California Agriculture

  • Julian Alston

Commodity Grades and Adverse Selection: Application to the California Prune Market

  • James Chalfant
  • Richard Sexton

Economic Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Related Hydrologic Resources in California

  • Anthony Fisher
  • Michael Hanemann

Understanding Production Contracts: Input Control and Other Contract Provisions

  • Rachael Goodhue
  • Gordon Rausser

An Economic Analysis of Farming/Wildlife Rotation Options at Tule Lake

  • Karen Klonsky
  • James Wilen

Quality Measurement and Risk Sharing in Contracts for California Fruits and Vegetables

  • Ethan A. Ligon

Immigration and the Changing Face of Rural California: Focus on the Central Valley

  • Philip Martin
  • J. Edward Taylor

Measuring the Productivity of Pesticides in Agricultural Production

  • Catherine Morrison Paul

Transitions Among Agricultural Work, Nonagricultural Work and Other Activities

  • Jeffrey Perloff

Generic Advertising, Product Differentiation, and Market Power

  • Richard Sexton

The Economics of Precision Agriculture with Application to California

  • David Sunding
  • David Zilberman

Econometric Analysis of Professional and Do-It-Yourself Pesticide Use in Yard Care

  • Michael Ward

Managing Genetic Diversity of Monterey Pine in Light of Pitch Canker

  • Brian Wright