Projects Funded for -

Understanding Production Contracts: Input Control and Other Contract Provisions

Gordon Rausser and Rachael Goodhue

Transitions Among Agricultural Work, Nonagricultural Work and Other Activities

Jeffrey Perloff

The Economics of Precision Agriculture with Application to California

David Sunding and David Zilberman

Technology Spillovers and California Agriculture

Julian Alston

Quality Measurement and Risk Sharing in Contracts for California Fruits and Vegetables

Ethan A. Ligon

Measuring the Productivity of Pesticides in Agricultural Production

Catherine Morrison Paul

Managing Genetic Diversity of Monterey Pine in Light of Pitch Canker

Brian Wright

Immigration and the Changing Face of Rural California: Focus on the Central Valley

J. Edward Taylor and Philip Martin

Generic Advertising, Product Differentiation, and Market Power

Richard Sexton

Economic Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Related Hydrologic Resources in California

Anthony Fisher and Michael Hanemann

Econometric Analysis of Professional and Do-It-Yourself Pesticide Use in Yard Care

Michael Ward

Commodity Grades and Adverse Selection: Application to the California Prune Market

James Chalfant and Richard Sexton

An Economic Analysis of Farming/Wildlife Rotation Options at Tule Lake

James Wilen and Karen Klonsky