Research Projects

Projects Funded for 2020-2021

The Role of Land Reform in Chilean Agricultural Exports

  • Ashish Shenoy

The Impacts of Wildfires on Water Utilities and Communities in California

  • Mehdi Nemati
  • Samane Zare

The Impacts of Maritime Emissions Standards

  • Jamie Hansen-Lewis
  • Michelle Marcus

The Impacts of COVID-19 on the Farm Labor Supply and Farming Decisions in California

  • J. Edward Taylor
  • Bryan Little
  • Sara Neagu-Reed
  • Diane Charlton

The Impacts of Climate Change on Global Grain Production, Accounting for Adaptation

  • Michael Anderson
  • Andrew Hultgren
  • Solomon Hsiang

The Effects of a Declining Farm Labor Supply on Fruit and Vegetable Production in California

  • Pierre Mérel
  • Zachariah Rutledge

The Effectiveness of Reforestation: The Tradeoff between Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

  • Dalia Ghanem
  • Daria (Dasha) Ageikina

Recent Water Quality Policy and Agriculture

  • Joseph Shapiro

Quantifying Spatially Resolved Agricultural Runoff Based Nonpoint Source Pollution in California Waterways

  • J. Keith Gilless
  • Peiley Lau

Producer Response to “Private” Food Safety Standards: Theory and Application to California Tree Nuts

  • Julian Alston
  • Sarah Smith

Predicting Demand for Plant-Based Meat

  • Meredith Fowlie
  • Hal Giuliani Gordon

Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage Insurance Program: Risk Management Implications for California Ranchers

  • Tina Saitone
  • James Keeler

Land Use and Water Impacts of Cannabis Cultivation

  • Katrina Jessoe
  • Michele Baggio

Investigating COVID-19 Pandemic Effects in California’s Urban/Rural (Metro/ Micro Central and Non Central) Counties’ Mobility and Businesses

  • Sofia Villas-Boas
  • James Sears

Impact of the U.S.-China Trade War on California Agriculture

  • Colin Carter
  • Sandro Steinbach
  • Jiayi (Carol) Dong

Impact of SGMA on Crop Mix in California

  • Bruce Babcock
  • Dat Tran

Evaluating Optimal and Second-Best Nitrogen Regulations in California

  • James Sallee
  • Connor Jackson

Estimation of Demand and Price Aggregators: Application to US and California Household Scanner Data

  • Thibault Fally

Effects of Federal Milk Marketing Orders on U.S. Imports and Exports of Dairy Products

  • Daniel Sumner
  • Tristan Hanon

Economics Impact of the November 2018 Romaine E. coli Outbreak: Lessons for California Moving Forward

  • Kristin Kiesel
  • Ashley Spalding

Do Eucalyptus Trees Increase Wildfire Spread and Threaten California Agriculturalists?

  • Maximilian Auffhammmer
  • George Pardee Jr.

Do Beekeepers Value Cover Crop Use in Almond Production?

  • Brittney Goodrich
  • Jerrod Penn

Distribution of Federal Support to U.S. Farmers

  • Ethan A. Ligon

Demand for Plant-Based Products: Implications for California Agriculture and Agribusiness

  • Richard Sexton
  • Stamatina Kotsakou

Cooperative and Market Approaches to Regional Salinity Nonpoint Pollution Control: Application to the San Joaquin Valley (SJV), California

  • Ariel Dinar
  • Nigel Quinn

California’s Organic Agricultural Production

  • Rachael Goodhue
  • Hanlin Wei

Assessing the Feasibility of GM Labeling: The Case of Bt Eggplant in Bangladesh

  • Ethan A. Ligon
  • David Zilberman
  • Carly Trachtman
  • A Ahsanuzzaman

Assessing Measurement Error in Remotely Sensed Land Use Data for Economic Applications

  • Ellen Bruno

A New Method to Jointly Estimate Yield Response and Crop Choice

  • Mark Agerton
  • Matthieu Stigler

Air Pollution Exposure and Agricultural Worker Productivity

  • Tim Beatty
  • Alexandra Hill

Agricultural Production Effects of Trump’s Tariff Trade War and Covid-91

  • Jeffrey Perloff
  • Shuo Yu

Agricultural Labor in a Dynamic Economy

  • Alan Olmstead
  • Paul Rhode