Research Projects

Projects Funded for 2016-2017

Economics of Precision Agriculture in High-Value California Crops

The Academic Benefits of Healthy School Meals

Leaky Cows: Regulating Methane Emissions from California’s Dairy Sector

Trade and Food Grocery Shopping Across the U.S.

Land Use and Transportation: Technology and the Spatial Structure of Cities

Land Use Change and Carbon Costs from Demand for Wood for Bioenergy

The Value of Crop Insurance to U.S. and California

Supply Chains, Labor, and California Agriculture

The Effect of Increased Choice on Consumer Consumption of Food

Benefits and Costs Associated with Nonlethal Depredation Efforts for Sheep and Lamb Operations in California

Evaluating the Resilience of Irrigated Agriculture and Groundwater Systems under Climate Change: What Role Does Crop Diversity Play?

Estimating the Agricultural Supply Response from Drought on the Extensive Margin in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley

Demand for Brands, Private Labels: Revealed Preferences and Experimental Evidence

Using Micro Geoengineering for Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture