Research Projects

Projects Funded for 2021-2022

Does Encouragement of Nutrient Management Practices Change Nitrogen Outcomes? Practice Adoption, Application Rates, and Nitrogen Use Efficiency in The Central Valley

  • Sofia Villas-Boas
  • Molly Sears

Economic and Environmental Impacts of Feeding for Lower Enteric Methane Emissions from California Dairy Cows

  • Daniel A. Sumner
  • Scott Somerville

Evolving Regulation of Water Quality

  • Joseph Shapiro

Solar Farms Land Supply: A Dynamic Discrete Choice Model

  • James Sallee
  • Tyler Anthony
  • Connor Jackson

Sharing Colorado River Water: Past Apportionments, Current Demands and Feasibility of Potential Allocations and their Welfare Consequences

  • Mehdi Nemati

Federal Support to US Farmers Over Time

  • Ethan A. Ligon

Adoption and Advertising of Regulated Deficit Irrigation Technique within the Blue Diamond Cooperative

  • Kristin Kiesel
  • Sean Kiely

Droughts and Access to Safe Drinking Water in the San Joaquin Valley

  • Katrina Jessoe
  • Richard Sexton
  • Jeffrey Hadachek

Fighting Fire with Fire: The Clean Air Act and Regulation of Prescribed Fires

  • Jamie Hansen-Lewis

Positive Externalities of Pesticide Use: Cross-crop Benefits to Lygus Bug Management in San Joaquin Valley Cotton

  • Rachael Goodhue
  • Yanan Zheng

Farms, Firms, and Fixed Costs: Clustering and Returns to Scale in Agricultural Exporting

  • Thibault Fally
  • James Sayre

Putting an End to the Trade War? Trade Effects on California Agriculture

  • Colin Carter
  • Jiayi (Carol) Dong

Weather-induced Variability in Quality, Yield and Grower Income: An Application to Californian Processing Tomatoes

  • Tim Beatty
  • Sarah Smith

Assessing the Direct and Indirect Wildfire Damages on California Agriculture Across Space

  • Maximilian Auffhammer

Implications of Climate Change for the Benefits of Collective Reputation Created by AVAs for California’s Wine

  • Julian Alston
  • Sarah Smith