Special Reports

The Special Report provides an outlet for items worthy of publication but not fitting into one of the regular series.

Whither California Agriculture: Up, Down or Out? Some Thoughts about the Future

Number 04-1, 2004

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Hired Hands in California's Fields

Number 91-1, 1991

Agricultural Employment Testing, Opportunities for Increased Worker Performance

Number 88-1, 1988

Supply Response in the Cattle Industry: The Argentine Case

Number 86-1, 1986

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Demand Relationships for Vegetables: A Review of Past Studies

Number 80-1, 1980

Farm-Size Relationships with an Emphasis on California: A Review of What is Known About the Diverse Forces Affecting Farm Size, and Additional Research


Demand Relationships for California Tree Fruits, Grapes, and Nuts: A Review of Past Studies

Number 3247, 1978