Information Series

The Information Series communicates selected research results to a lay audience.

Economic Aspects of the California Nursery and Floral Industry, 2001-2009

Number 11-1, October 2011

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The Prospective Free Trade Agreement with Korea: Background, Analysis, and Perspectives for California Agriculture

Number 09-2, June 2009

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Market Potential for Organic Crops in California: Almonds, Hay, and Winegrapes

Number 09-1, June 2009

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Economic Contributions of the California Nursery Industry

Number 04-1, July 2004

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California Agriculture: Dimensions and Issues

Number 03-1, None 2003

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Factors Critical to the Success or Failure of Emerging Agricultural Cooperatives

Number 88-3, June 1998

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California Agriculture: Issues and Challenges

Number 97-1, August 1997

Mandated Marketing Programs for California Commodities

Number 96-1, August 1996

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Reducing Citrus Revenue Losses from Frost Damage

Number 95-1, May 1995

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California Vegetable Crops: Production and Markets

Number 94-3, April 1994

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Cultural Practices and Sample Costs for Organic Vegetable Production on the Central Coast of California

Number 94-2, None 1994

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California Field Crops: Location and Trends in Acreage, Yields, and Production, 1945-1991

Number 94-1, March 1994

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Acquiring Alfalfa Hay Harvest Equipment: A Financial Analysis of Alternatives

Number 92-1, December 1992

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The Availability and Prices of Consumer Goods and Services in Small Towns of Northern California

Number 91-1, November 1991

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Impacts on California Agriculture of a Ban on Rice Straw Burning

Number 90-1, October 1990

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The Wages and Fringe Benefits of Unionized California Farmworkers

Number 88-4, October 1988

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A Case Study of California Farm Machinery: Repair Costs and Downtime

Number 88-2, None 1988

Ventura Citrus Labor Market

Number 88-1, April 1988

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Activity and Regulation of Farm Labor Contractors

Number 86-3, June 1986

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