California Agriculture: Dimensions and Issues


  • by Philip L. Martin, Rachael E. Goodhue, and Brian D. Wright, Editors

Part 1: History, Land, Labor, and Water

A History of California Agriculture

  • By Alan L. Olmstead and Paul W. Rhode

California's Evolving Landscape

  • By Kevin Novan

Immigration and Farm Labor

  • By Philip L. Martin

The Evolving Nature of California's Water Economy

  • By Ariel Dinar, Doug Parker, Helen Huynh, and Amanda Tieu

Part 2: Major Commodities

California's Dairy Industry (forthcoming)

  • By Daniel A. Sumner

California's Fruit and Tree Nuts

  • By Rachael E. Goodhue, Philip L. Martin, and Leo K. Simon

Grape and Wine Production in California

  • By Julian M. Alston, James T. Lapsley, and Olena Sambucci

Livestock and Rangeland in California

  • By Tina L. Saitone

California Vegetables

  • By Rachael E. Goodhue and Philip L. Martin

California Berries

  • By Rachael E. Goodhue and Philip L. Martin

California's Nursery and Cannabis Industries

Part 3: Demand, Marketing, and Trade

Marketing California's Agricultural Production

  • By Hoy F. Carman

International Trade and California's Agriculture

  • By Colin A. Carter

Part 4: Environment, Climate, and Technology

Environmental Issues and Regulations (forthcoming)

  • By David L. Sunding

Climate Change and California Agriculture

  • By Katrina Jessoe, Pierre Mérel, and Ariel Ortiz-Bobea

Research, Innovation, Supply Chains, and Precision Agriculture in California

  • By Ben Gordon, Olena Sambucci, Itai Trilnick, and David Zilberman

Social Value of the Giannini Foundation

  • By Alex F. McCalla and Gordon C. Rausser