California Rice Rebounds After a Brutal 2022

Smith, Aaron

from ARE Update Vol. 27, No. 1, Sep/Oct, 2023

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In 2022, California rice farmers planted half the number of acres they had planted in 2020. Rice acreage had not been that low since 1958. Acreage has rebounded this year, returning to its 2020 level. Rice acreage dropped in 2022 because of a lack of water stemming from a multi-year drought. Surface water deliveries from the Sacramento River were severely curtailed. Multiple storms this past winter restored the flow of the Sacramento River. Rice growers were thus able to return to normal activities in 2023.


Drought, Water, Crop Insurance, Land Use, California Crops


Smith, Aaron. 2023. "California Rice Rebounds After a Brutal 2022." ARE Update 27(1): 5–7. University of California Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics.