Issues for 2022

ARE Update Vol. 26, No. 2, Nov/Dec, 2022

  1. Rutledge, Zachariah and Pierre Mérel. "A Declining Farm Labor Supply Could Cost California Farmers Billions."
  2. Ayres, Andrew B. and Caitlin A. Peterson. "Dryland Cropping May Present a Cost-Effective Response to Dust From Idled Lands."
  3. Sayre, James E. "Developments in the Avocado Sector and Their Implications for California Producers and Consumers."

ARE Update Vol. 26, No. 1, Sep/Oct, 2022

  1. Carter, Colin and Sandro Steinbach. "California Almond Industry Harmed by International Trade Issues."
  2. Auffhammer, Maximilian. "Agriculture and the Social Cost of Carbon."
  3. Spalding, Ashley. "Certified Transitional Labels Hope To Increase Organic Conversion, but Few Know What They Mean."

ARE Update Vol. 25, No. 6, Jul/Aug, 2022

  1. Nemati, Mehdi and Juhee Lee. "How Are Urban Water Suppliers Responding to Drought?"
  2. Trilnick, Itai, Alice Huang, Jed Silver, Ben Gordon and David Zilberman. "The Multiple Benefits of CIMIS—Publicly Provided Weather and Irrigation Information in California."
  3. Englander, Gabriel, Larry S. Karp and Leo K. Simon. "Does Better Information Increase Fishery Profits?"

ARE Update Vol. 25, No. 5, May/Jun, 2022

  1. Sambucci, Olena and Daniel A. Sumner. "War in Ukraine and Impacts on California Food and Agriculture."
  2. Gafarov, Bulat and Jens Hilscher. "Too Little Too Late? The Two-Pronged Approach of the Federal Reserve."
  3. Kotchen, Matthew J. and Katherine R.H. Wagner. "When Governments Increase Their Funding of Public Goods, How Do Individuals Respond?"

ARE Update Vol. 25, No. 4, Mar/Apr, 2022

  1. Rupiper, Amanda, Joakim Weill, Ellen M. Bruno, Katrina Jessoe and Frank Loge. "Could Fixing Leaky Pipes Help Solve California’s Water Problems?"
  2. Carman, Hoy. "Are You Eating More Fruit? U.S. Dietary Recommendations and Fruit Consumption Trends."
  3. Gafarov, Bulat, Tengda Gong and Jens Hilscher. "What Price is Right? Cigarette Demand Has Become More Responsive to Prices."

ARE Update Vol. 25, No. 3, Jan/Feb, 2022

  1. Smith, Aaron. "The Story of Rising Fertilizer Prices."
  2. Olver, Ryan and David Zilberman. "Why Soil Fumigation Changed the Strawberry Industry."
  3. Hilscher, Jens, Alon Raviv and Ricardo Reis. "Inflation Risks are on the Rise."