Beer: A Poster Child of the Bioeconomy

David Zilberman

from ARE Update Vol. 19, No. 2, Nov/Dec, 2015

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The bioeconomy includes agricultural sectors that rely on farm inputs and biological processes to produce a wide array of products. The traditional bioeconomy relied on fermentation to produce cheese, beer, etc., while the modern bioeconomy relies on biotechnology. The history of beer used as a case study suggests that over time, the bioeconomy evolved to produce differentiated products with elaborate supply chains. Its evolution depended on investments in research and a balanced regulatory environment.


Beer, Supply Chain, Bioeconomy, Product Differentiation, Hops, Barley


David Zilberman. 2015. "Beer: A Poster Child of the Bioeconomy." ARE Update 19(2): 1-4. University of California Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics.