Issues for 2011

ARE Update Vol. 15, No. 2, Nov/Dec, 2011

  1. Lee, Hyunok and Daniel A. Sumner. "New Free Trade Agreements Will Improve California Farm Export Prospects."
  2. Philip Martin. "Immigration Reform: What's Next for Agriculture?"
  3. Hochman, Gal, Deepak Rajagopal, and David Zilberman. "OPEC and the Environmental Impact of Biofuels."

ARE Update Vol. 15, No. 1, Sep/Oct, 2011

  1. Grogan, Kelly A. and Rachael E. Goodhue. "The Effect of Landscape-level Pesticide Applications on California Citrus Growers' Decisions for California Red Scale Management."
  2. Mukherjee, Monobina and Linda Fernandez. "Analysis of the Influence of Open Space on Residential Values."
  3. Ifft, Jennifer and Todd Kuethe. "Why Are Outside Investors Suddenly Interested in Farmland?"

ARE Update Vol. 14, No. 6, July/Aug, 2011

  1. Howitt, Richard E., Duncan MacEwan, and Josué Medellín-Azuara. "Drought, Jobs, and Controversy: Revisiting 2009."
  2. Ziolkowska, Jadwiga and Leo Simon. "Biomass Ethanol Production Faces Challenges."
  3. Heiman, Amir, Oded Lowengart, David Zilberman, and Maayan Klachman Amir. "Health, Diet, Nutritional Information, and Consumer Choice."

ARE Update Vol. 14, No. 5, May/June, 2011

  1. Benjamin Crost. "Aid Under Fire: How Development Projects Can Increase Civil Conflict."
  2. Colin A. Carter. "China's Agriculture: Achievements and Challenges."
  3. L. Tim Wallace. "In Memoriam: Kirby S. Moulton: October 8, 1928 – May 20, 2011."
  4. Hoy Carman. "The Estimated Impact of Bee Colony Collapse Disorder on Almond Pollination Fees."

ARE Update Vol. 14, No. 4, Mar/Apr, 2011

  1. Martin, Philip and Linda Calvin. "Labor Trajectories in California's Produce Industry."
  2. Zilberman, David and Gal Hochman. "Meeting a Growing Demand for Food and Fuel in a Sustainable Manner."
  3. Sunding, David L., Kate Foreman, and Maximilian Auffhammer. "Water and Jobs: The Role of Irrigation Water Deliveries on Agricultural Employment."

ARE Update Vol. 14, No. 3, Jan/Feb, 2011

  1. Spalding, Ashley and Sofia B. Villas-Boas. "Investigating Impacts of Fuel Costs on Retail Prices for Local and Non-local Milk Products."
  2. "Faculty Profile: Katrina Jessoe (Clark)."
  3. Blank, Steven C. "The Problem of Over-Shooting Supplies of a Tree Crop."
  4. Behnke, Drew, Samuel Heft-Neal, Jenny Ifft, Ricardo Soares Magalhaes, Joachim Otte, Dirk Pfeiffer, David Roland-Holst, and David Zilberman. "Smallholder Livestock Production and the Global Disease Risk."