Issues for 2007

ARE Update Vol. 11, No. 2, Nov/Dec, 2007

  1. Alston, Julian M., Daniel A. Sumner, and Stephen A. Vosti. "Farm Subsidies and Obesity in the United States."
  2. Kiesel, Kristin and Sofia B. Villas-Boas. "The USDA Organic Seal: What Is It Worth to the Consumer?"
  3. Carter, Colin A. "Market is Strong for California Processing Tomatoes."

ARE Update Vol. 11, No. 1, Sept/Oct, 2007

  1. Zilberman, David. "Payments for Environmental Services: Who Gains and Who Loses?"
  2. Baka, Jenn and David Roland-Holst. "Greener Pastures for Globalization: How European Farmers Can Help Save the Planet as Well as the Doha Round."
  3. Butler, Leslie and Adam McCarthy. "Market Power in the Northwest D'Anjou Pear Industry: Implications for California Agriculture."
  4. "Faculty Profile: Travis J. Lybbert."

ARE Update Vol. 10, No. 6, July/Aug, 2007

  1. Blank, Steven C. "Farmland Values as an Indicator of Regional Economic Performance?"
  2. Carman, Hoy F. "Marketing a Mediterranean Diet: Some Issues and Opportunities."
  3. Thompson, Jennifer R. "Brand Loyalty and Gasoline Pricing in Sacramento."

ARE Update Vol. 10, No. 5, May/June, 2007

  1. Sumner, Daniel A. "The New Farm Bill: Implications for California Agriculture."
  2. Sexton, Steven, Deepak Rajagopal, David Zilberman, and David Roland-Holst. "The Intersections of Energy and Agriculture: Implications of Rising Demand for Biofuels and the Search for the Next Generation."
  3. Martin, Philip. "Farm Labor Shortages: How Real, What Response?"

ARE Update Vol. 10, No. 4, March/April, 2007

  1. Howitt, Richard. "Delta Dilemmas: Reconciling Water-Supply Reliability and Environmental Goals."
  2. Carman, Hoy F. and Richard J. Sexton. "The 2007 Freeze: Tallying the Toll Two Months Later."
  3. Tack, Jesse and Alix Peterson Zwane. "Estimating the Costs of Sudden Oak Death: Results of a Survey of California Nurseries."

ARE Update Vol. 10, No. 3, Jan/Feb, 2007

  1. Uria, Rocio and Jeffrey Williams. "Are Natural Gas Flows Responsive to Price Spikes?"
  2. Hardesty, Shermain D. "Role of Direct Marketing in California."
  3. Nataraj, Shanthi. "Do Residential Water Consumers React to Price Increases? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Santa Cruz."