Issues for 2006

ARE Update Vol. 10, No. 2, Nov/Dec, 2006

  1. Klonsky, Karen. "E. coli in Spinach, Foodborne Illnesses, and Expectations about Food Safety."
  2. Carter, Colin A. "Economics of the California Processing Tomato Market."
  3. Karp, Larry. "Why We Should Be Willing to Devote More Resources to Avoid Climate Change."

ARE Update Vol. 10, No. 1, Sept/Oct, 2006

  1. Auffhammer, Maximilian. "Is Dust "Busting" Crop Yields?"
  2. "ARE Faculty Profile: Aaron Smith."
  3. Li, Lan, Hoy F. Carman, and Richard J. Sexton. "Retailer Pricing Practices for Fresh Avocados."
  4. Zwane, Alix Peterson and Margaret McMillan. "OECD Support for Agriculture: Has it Historically Harmed Poor Countries?"

ARE Update Vol. 9, No. 6, July/Aug, 2006

  1. Onozaka, Yuko, David Bunch, and Douglas Larson. "What Exactly Are They Paying For? Explaining the Price Premium for Organic Fresh Produce."
  2. Blank, Steven C., Kenneth W. Erickson, Richard Nehring, and Charles Hallahan. "Farm Household Wealth: Where Does it Come From?"
  3. Carter, Colin, Barry Krissoff, and Alix Peterson Zwane. "Assessing Geographic Branding Strategies: Lessons for Country-of-Origin Labeling."

ARE Update Vol. 9, No. 5, May/June, 2006

  1. Roland-Holst, David and David Zilberman. "How Vulnerable is California Agriculture to Higher Energy Prices?"
  2. Fisher, Anthony C. "Determinants of California Farmland Values and Potential Impacts of Climate Change."
  3. Goodhue, Rachael E., Steven A. Fennimore, Karen Klonsky, and Husein Ajwa. "After Methyl Bromide: The Economics of Strawberry Production with Alternative Fumigants."

ARE Update Vol. 9, No. 4, March/April, 2006

  1. Martin, Philip L. "Immigration Reform: Implications for Agriculture."
  2. Farzin, Y. Hossein and Craig A. Bond. "Democracy and Environmental Quality."
  3. Jarvis, Lovell S., José E. Bervejillo, and José P. Cancino. "Are International Beef Prices Converging and, if so, Why?"

ARE Update Vol. 9, No. 3, Jan/Feb, 2006

  1. Sexton, Steven E., Leslie A. Martin, and David Zilberman. "Biofuel and Biotech: A Sustainable Energy Solution."
  2. Saitone, Tina L. and Richard J. Sexton. "Do Alpacas Represent the Latest Speculative Bubble in Agriculture?"
  3. Sumner, Daniel A. and Hayley Boriss. "Bee-conomics and the Leap in Pollination Fees."