Issues for 2001

ARE Update Vol. 5, No. 2, Nov/Dec, 2001

  1. Ligon, Ethan. "Contractual Arrangements for Fresh Produce in California."
  2. Rozelle, Scott, Fangbin Qiao and Jikun Huang. "Plant Biotechnology in the Developing World: The Case of China."
  3. Metcalfe, Mark. "Pesticide Use, IPM and Pest Management Advice."
  4. "ARE Faculty Profile: David Zilberman."

ARE Update Vol. 5, No. 1, Fall, 2001

  1. "Editors' Introduction."
  2. DeBiase, Terry A. and David Zilberman. "The Farm Bill and the Environment."
  3. Martin, Philip. "Guest Workers in California Agriculture?"
  4. "ARE Faculty Profile: David Sunding."
  5. "Giannini Foundation Contact List."

ARE Update Vol. 4, No. 4, Summer, 2001

  1. Alston, Julian M. and Jennifer S. James. "Beggar-thy-Neighbor Aspects of Generic Commodity Promotion Programs."
  2. Larson, Douglas M. and Daniel K. Lew. "Clean Water in California: What is it Worth?"
  3. Klonsky, Karen. "The Organic Foods Production Act: How Will Implementation Change the Face of California's Organic Agriculture?"

ARE Update Vol. 4, No. 3, Spring, 2001

  1. McCalla, Alex F. "Challenges to World Agriculture in the 21st Century."
  2. Johnston, Warren and Daniel A. Sumner. "California Agriculture Faces a Rough Financial Year."
  3. Andersen, Matt A. and Richard J. Sexton. "Key Economic Issues in Commodity Tree-Pull Programs."

ARE Update Vol. 4, No. 2, Winter, 2001

  1. Carman, Hoy F. "Agricultural Machinery Sales Taxes: Are California Farmers Getting a Fair Deal?"
  2. Alexander, Corinne, Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo and Rachael E. Goodhue. "Iowa Producers' Adoption of Bio-Engineered Varieties: Lessons for California."
  3. Martin, Philip L. "Farm Labor: Twenty-First Century Challenges."
  4. "ARE Faculty Profile: Catherine Morrison Paul."