Issues for 2000

ARE Update Vol. 4, No. 1, Fall, 2000

  1. Jarvis, Lovell S. and José Bervejillo. "Re-emergence of South American Beef Exporters: New Competition for U.S. Producers?"
  2. Farzin, Y. Hossein. "Kyoto Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Targets: Economic Issues and Prospects."
  3. Blank, Steven C. "Beef Market Update."
  4. "ARE Faculty Profile: Desmond A. Jolly."

ARE Update Vol. 3, No. 4, Summer, 2000

  1. Wilen, James E. "Putting Prices on Mother Nature."
  2. Blank, Steven C. "Some Facts About Farmland Values."
  3. Crespi, John M. "Get Ready for More Commodity Promotion Litigation."
  4. Butler, L.J. (Bees). "Dairy Standards Comments."
  5. "ARE Faculty Profile: Dale M. Heien."

ARE Update Vol. 3, No. 3, Spring, 2000

  1. Carter, Colin A. "The Next WTO Round: What Does it Mean for California Agriculture?"
  2. Sumner, Daniel A. and Norbert L.W. Wilson. "The Evolution of Dairy Price Policy in California: Our Unique System for Distributing Revenue."
  3. Goodhue, Rachael E., Dale M. Heien and Hyunok Lee. "Contract Usage in the California Winegrape Economy."

ARE Update Vol. 3, No. 2, Winter, 2000

  1. Crespi, John M. and Richard J. Sexton. "Have Expenditures to Advertise California Almonds Been Effective?"
  2. L.J. (Bees) Butler. "Making Sense of California Milk Prices."
  3. Alston, Julian M., H. F. Carman, J. A. Chalfant, J. M. Crespi, R. J. Sexton and R. S. Venner. "The California Prune Board's Promotion Program: An Abstract."
  4. Carman, Hoy F. and R. Kim Craft. "California Avocado Industry Marketing Programs, 1961-1995: An Abstract."
  5. "ARE Faculty Profile: Julian M. Alston."