Issues for 1998

ARE Update Vol. 2, No. 1, Fall, 1998

  1. Rozelle, Scott and Jikun Huang. "China and World Wheat Markets: Assessing Supply, Demand and Trade in China."
  2. Howitt, Richard E. "Flowing Toward Markets: California Water in 2000."
  3. Hazlett, Thomas W. and George Bittlingmayer. "As Microsoft Goes, So Does the Computer Industry."
  4. "Ask the ARE Faculty."
  5. "ARE Faculty Profile: Hoy F. Carman."

ARE Update Vol. 1, No. 4, Summer, 1998

  1. Blank, Steven C. "Managing Risks in California Agriculture."
  2. Martin, Philip L. and J. Edward Taylor. "Poverty Amid Prosperity."
  3. Jetter, Karen M., Karen Klonsky and Charles Pickett. "A Cost/Benefit Analysis of the Ash Whitefly Biological Control Program in California."
  4. "ARE Faculty Profile: Colin Carter."
  5. Butler, L.J. (Bees). "Dairy Operator Comments from the 1998 rBST Survey."

ARE Update Vol. 1, No. 3, Spring, 1998

  1. Carman, Hoy F. "Implications of 1997 Federal Income Tax Reform for California Farmers and Ranchers."
  2. Carter, Colin. "Asia's Financial Crisis: California's Agriculture Has Weathered Similar Storms."
  3. Jolly, Desmond. "A Time to Act."
  4. Chalfant, James A. "Econometrics and Research."
  5. "ARE Faculty Profile: Karen Klonsky."
  6. "Recent Books by ARE Faculty."
  7. "UC Davis ARE Faculty Fields of Interest."

ARE Update Vol. 1, No. 2, Winter, 1998

  1. Farzin, Y. Hossein. "Higher Environmental Standards Can Enhance Competition and Welfare."
  2. Carman, Hoy F. "Evaluation of California Commodity Marketing Programs."
  3. Butler, L.J. (Bees). "rBST Use in the California Dairy Industry."
  4. "ARE Faculty Profile: Richard Howitt."
  5. "List of ARE Cost of Production Studies."