ARE Update

ARE Update is a bimonthly magazine published by the University of California Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics for the purpose of providing wide dissemination of research results and expert opinion from faculty, CE Specialists and graduate students in agricultural and resource economics at UC Davis and UC Berkeley. The ARE Update targets a lay audience of policy makers, Cooperative Extension advisors, agribusiness managers, and other professionals interested in agricultural, resource, environmental, and development economics.

Current Issue

ARE Update Vol. 26, No. 6, Jul/Aug, 2023

  1. Carter, Colin and Sandro Steinbach. "Russian Weaponization of Food Rattles Global Markets."
  2. Rausser, Gordon and David Zilberman. "The Bioeconomy to the Rescue."
  3. Zheng, Yanan, Rachael Goodhue, Kevi Claire Mace-Hill, Jess Rudder, Tor Tolhurst, Daniel Tregeagle, Hanlin Wei, Beth Grafton-Cardwell, Ian Grettenberger, Houston Wilson, Robert Van Steenwyk, Frank Zalom, Monique Rivera and John Steggall. "Economic and Pest Management Evaluation of the Proposed Regulation of Nitroguanidine-Substituted Neonicotinoid Insecticides: Six Major California Commodities."

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