Giannini Foundation Members Earn Several Prestigious AAEA Awards

Jan. 13, 2016

Publication of Enduring Quality

  • Julian Alston (UCD), George Norton, and Philip Pardey. 1995. “Science Under Scarcity: Principles and Practice for Agricultural Research Evaluation and Priority Setting,” Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY.

Quality of Communication Award

  • Geoffrey Barrows (UCB PhD ‘15); Steven Sexton (UCB PhD ‘12), North Carolina State University; and David Zilberman (UCB). 2014. “Agricultural Biotechnology: The Promise and Prospects of Genetically Modified Crops.” Journal of Economic Perspectives, 28(1): 99-120.
  • J. Edward Taylor (UCD) and Mateusz Filipski, (UCD PhD '11). 2014. “Beyond Experiments in Development Economics: Local Economy-wide Impact Evaluation.” Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Colin Carter (UCD), Ben Santer, Maximilian Auffhammer (UCB), Alan Olmstead (UCD), Paul Rhode, Richard Howitt (UCD), David Zilberman (UCB), and Scott Kaplan. Honorable Mention. 2014. "Climate Change: Challenges to California’s Agriculture and Natural Resources," ARE Update, 18(1): 1-20.

Outstanding AJAE Article Award

  • Nathan Hendricks (UCD PhD '11), Aaron Smith (UCD), and Daniel Sumner (UCD). 2014. "Crop Supply Dynamics and the Illusion of Partial Adjustment", AJAE, 96(5): 1469-1491.

Outstanding Choices Article Award

  • Brian Wright (UCB), Honorable Mention. 2014. “Multiple Peril Crop Insurance.” Choices, 29 (3rdQtr).

Distinguished Teaching Award

  • Richard Sexton (UCD), Graduate Teaching: Ten or More Years’ Experience