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Giannini Foundation Publications

Monograph Series

The purpose of the Monograph Series is to provide an outlet for reports of research which are longer than journal papers but are directed to the same audience and appraised by criteria equivalent to those of leading technical journals in agricultural economics.

Information Series

The purpose of the Information Series is to communicate selected research results to a lay audience.

Research Report Series

The Research Report Series is designed to communicate research results to specific professional audiences (e.g., agricultural industry economists, resource agency staffs, and other professionals) interested in applications.

Special Report Series

The Special Report provides an outlet for items worthy of publication but not fitting into one of the regular series.

Giannini Reporter

The purpose of the Reporter is to provide information on the ongoing research of the Foundation, the extension of that research, and other related activities.

ARE Update

Bimonthly newletter published by the Giannini Foundation is available for downloading in pdf format.

A.P. Giannini and the Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics

Warren E. Johnston and Alex F. McCalla, Editors

Annals of the Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics

Prepared for the occasion of the Giannini Foundation 75th Anniversary Symposium

Publications Order Form

Selected Giannini Foundation Publications are available for ordering by downloading and mailing this form.

Last Update: June 12, 2012

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