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"Some Impacts of Recession on California’s Nursery and Floral Industry."

Carman, H.

from ARE Update, Vol. 16, No. 5, May/Jun, 2013


The recession following the burst of the housing bubble in 2007 had a disproportionate impact
on California’s nursery and floral industry. Combined sales of nursery and floral products dropped from
second to fourth among all California agricultural commodities, and from 12.2% to 7.8% of total California agricultural sales. A sharp reduction in the number of California retailers handling nursery and floral products will have long-lasting impacts on both producers and consumers.


Nursery stock, wholesale nursery sales, retail nursery sales, florists


Carman, H. "Some Impacts of Recession on California’s Nursery and Floral Industry." Agricultural and Resource Economics Update 16(5)(2013):9-11.


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Last Update: May 30, 2013

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